Murphy’s Pool

A beautiful little pool, with all the right attributes. All it needs is a few fish around, and it will produce! The fish will pause here because of the tough climb upstream to the Cabin Pool.


A natural pause point for hard travelling grilse – you should not walk past without a cast, but you need to keep out of sight (kneeling helps!)

Salmon Lies Pool

Along with the Lang Pool, this pool is the pick of the Beat C (Bottom Beat). It is worth fishing at all heights, and if you are a confident wader, it is definitely worth getting into the water at the neck and then angling back to the bank a few metres below. In high water, give it a go from the left-hand bank!

Ailsa Craig

Flood induced movements have affected this pool, whereby the current races through more than it used to, but it remains a great pool. In a high water, the final 10 metres may reward you!


“Small but perfectly formed” describes Irises! If there’s a fish there, it is likely to be a ‘taker’, but whatever, do not pass without a cast!

Roe Deer

This pool deserves to be fished! It may not produce many fish, but it is a beautiful spot. Keep your concentration going right to the final outflow into the rough water below – fish love that sort of spot!


This ‘poolette’ can be changed by movements of trees and soil off the adjacent landslide, but that apart, it does contain a deepish hole in which a fish may lie….

Lang Pool

The archetypal salmon pool – provided the water is not too high (around 1’ 6” is great height). The run-in at the top is a bit bumpy, but the meat and the tail of the pool can be red-hot.

Hut Pool

Not the pool it once was, but even if it’s mainly for the pleasure of walking through the most beautiful woods to reach it, this pool should not be overlooked! The combination of an attractive tail and travelling fish ought to be close to a guarantee, especially in higher water!

Kiln Pool

The last pool before the beat finishes, and the river descends into the fearsome Boreland Glen. It rarely produces a fish, but then again, not many people fish it, so if you like a challenge………….