Thorn Tree Pool

This is a very long pool! Probably best to break it into top-middle-tail, all of which can be the best segments in different heights. In a big water (say 1’8” plus), it’s worth fishing the tail twice, since fish have a long and rough hike up from Ken’s Cast, and may be resting!

Thorn Tree Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon


In the right conditions, i.e. a medium to low water, this pool can surprise, and should not be missed. When you’re standing on the upstream end of the flat rock, you’re in the zone! If you hook a fish in Rough’s, don’t be surprised if it takes you down into Ken’s Cast!

Roughs Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

Ken’s Cast

A tricky pool to fish properly, especially at the top, where there is a backflow (try to keep your fly moving). In a bigger water, the tail of the pool can be rewarding, with the taking zone anywhere towards and below the overhanging willow on the far bank.

Ken's Cast, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

McSevenie’s Pool

One of Smithston’s best pools! It fishes in every height, over its full length. In low water concentrate on the neck, and in high water, on the tail.

However, the tail on right hand side can be productive even at lower heights

McSevenie's Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

Corner Pool

Don’t spend too much time here, but don’t pass by without a cast! You’re looking for travelling fish!

Corner Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

New Pool

A shadow of its former self, after successive spates infilled the best areas. Worth a passing cast or few.

New Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon


This pool is an enigma – looks ideal but rarely delivers! The taking area ought to be where the ‘sidestream’ re-enters the main stem.

MacKenzie Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon


Ever since the underwater rock slab disappeared in a major spate, a couple of decades ago, the pool has lost its chutzpah, but fish certainly do pause there on their way upstream!

Faird Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon


One of Smithston’s best pools, with a good chance of a fish over its full length. The pool fishes at all heights, but in a high water, the second half, and particularly the tail, are the places to be. At normal heights, there are lies close to the willow bushes on the right hand bank towards the neck.

There is a rocky ridge in the middle of the pool.  Take care needed not to break your leader on it if you have a fish on!

Wilsons Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

Clach Pool

Unless the water is too high, this pool is a likely spot for a travelling fish. If you do hook one here, it can be a challenge to play and land!

Clach Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

Rabbie’s Pool

This pool holds fish! In good conditions, and even into high water, you should expect to find fish in all parts of the pool, but concentrate, especially, on the area behind the semi-submerged rock in the ‘meat’ of the stream, and at the tail, where there is a large submerged boulder which fish often lie around.

Jeannie’s Pool

A pool that looks like it has been created with fish in mind (fast inflow, a smooth centre and a long tail), but someone forgot to tell the fish! A fish from here should stick in your memory, because for some unknown reason, it doesn’t happen as often as it should!

Jeannie's Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon