Auld Brig Pool

A long and varied pool, capable of producing fish at all water heights. In a moderate to large water, concentrate on the back-end of the pool.

Upper Squires Pool

It needs a good head of fish in the river to bring this pool into the equation, but it’s always worth a quick fish-through on your way downstream!

Lower Squires Pool

This pool doesn’t look much more than a narrow and fairly fast stream, but it consistently holds fish, especially at its tail in higher water.

The Whisky Hole Pool

Not an easy pool to fish, with very soft margins, but always worth a cast, especially in the area off the stones on the left bank.


The key to fishing this pool is to keep low, even wade down the edge (it’s not deep until you reach the first bush!) The best chances are between the first and second bushes.

The Wheel

A wonderful pool, with a chance of a fish at almost any height. In a big water, concentrate on the final 30 yards, where you may see fish following the fly – keep it moving!