Neck of McKenzie Pool, Smithston Fishings Club, River Doon

The new website aims to offer a general and specific view of the Smithston Water that is compelling for experienced fishermen, those new to fishing and the water and, those with an interest in the river and its ecosystems.

The site is based around a ‘Home Page’ which welcomes visitors and signposts the opportunity to buy membership or day permits.

The ‘Buy a Visitor Permit’ Page shows rod availability for both trout and salmon permits, with a price per rod. Selecting a required date will open a payment process form (with Stripe) and allow a financial transaction. Successful payment triggers the despatch of a confirmation email and other details which a guest might need for a successful day’s fishing. It also stimulates a request to report back on the fishing effort and the results of the day.

The ‘Club Page’ set out the organisation of the Smithston Fishings Club, its governance, its ethos and rules. There is also a Health and Safety Risk Assessment  summary with a link to a note on hazards and mitigation guidance.

The ‘Beat Pages’ offer the layout and views of the three beats (A,B and C – running downstream from south to north) and a photo/video gallery.

The ‘River Page’ sets The Smithston Water is a wider context, highlighting the character of the River Doon, its ecology (both below and above the water), our relationship with the Education Sector and local communities. A page highlights the ‘Friends of the River’ and offers easy hyperlinks to various bodies that support the river, its people, its ecosystems and the fishing. The water levels are also charted.

The ‘Location and Weather Page’ shows the location of the Smithston Water, its various approaches and the current weather conditions (looking out four days).

The site which has been developed by Colin Bradshaw at will continue to be improved and tuned over time. As ever, suggestions and corrections are most welcome.